About CiP!
What does Cricket in Progress! stand for

At Cricket in Progress!, each word is meticulously chosen, each stat is diligently analysed and each idea is punctiliously enhanced. What started as a couple of wannabes just trying to find an outlet for their cricketing knowledge has turned into a platform where a group of closely knit contributors actively articulate their ideas. Cricket in Progress! is themed on a humorous and satirical flavour. We obsessively make sure that the content you consume is literally and grammatically right so that it is entertaining and knowledegable at the same time.

Cricket in Progress! stands for innovation; innovation through writing. The array of categories that we provide are capable of matching any mood and preferences of the reader.

It is not just another Blog

Cricket in Progress! is not about the reporting style of writing. We unearth fresh topics, rarely thought of and then shape them into what you read. This is precisely the reason why sometimes, it takes us weeks or even months together to come up with the next article.

“Excellence is a habit”, Aristotle said. Excellence, though, as a habit is achieved only by consistent efforts. When the work you do is awe-inspiring to you, then only can it be awe-inspiring to others. At CiP!, we try to inspire ourselves by our work, which makes it easier for us to leave an impact on others.

What do we offer?

We offer binge-worthy articles. We offer a gallery of images. We offer you a chance to peak into the cricketing zone of our minds. Most importantly, however, we provide hope that there is more than one way to satisfy the cricket-keeda in you. We provide a fresh perspective into everything cricket. We don’t hesitate to form opinions while knowing that there is a fine line between opinions and judgements.

Get in Touch with us

We welcome people who wish to write for us, people who have feedback for us or people who just want to share their views with us. In fact, we urge you to get in touch with us.

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