To analyse correctly and insightfully is an art. Here, you will find analysis - some keenly observed while some accidentally come across. In a world of analytics, knowing what to analyse and where to apply the results is of paramount importance, especially in decision-making, introspection and reflection. You only have to make one simple decision, though - click on an article, sit back and enjoy.

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An IPL, the General Elections and a ICC Cricket World Cup in the same year, boy talk about being cramped for room in your entertainment appetite. The 12th ICC Cricket World Cup is here and it is the 5th time it is being held in England. Despite arguments that the new format is commercial in nature and doesn’t make the World Cup seem like a “Cup of World Teams”, I’d say that the single round-robin format promises to make the World Cup even more exciting.

The ‘World Cup of Champions’ is here, as the top 8 teams battle it out in England yet once again for what could be only be called another tournament. Apparently, the stakes are not as high as the ICC would like, but it is still a tournament. We bring you the complete round up of the 2017 edition.

Read this informative piece to find out what ‘Kolpak’s Deal’ is and what advantages and disadvantages it brings along with it. Can players, who take up this deal justify their action or should they be pegged as someone who are just greedy for money? Do players reserve the right to secure themselves monetarily or should the love for nation supersede that?

If you notice closely, IPL is the only tournament where the regular captain is changed midway through the tournament for reasons other than injuries/non-availability. Is this a trend set by the franchisees or is it something that came along with time?

Since the beginning of franchise-based T20 leagues, 1 question has always tried to evade us - Why are Indian players never seen in such leagues other than IPL? Read this as I try to find out the answer.

The ‘lord’ knows that the outcome of many matches would have been different had there been correct decisions from the umpires. And by lord I mean, the third umpire. In the 21st century, when technology has found its way into cricket, it makes one wonder as to why not all decisions are based on the assistance of technology. Should the Third Umpire, with access to this technology during the match, intervene on decisions obviously wrong?

What will be the eventual outcome of Day-Night Tests? Will it be a historic event in the timeline of cricket or will it forgotten in the sands of time? No one knows. No one can know. However, let’s see what makes it an interesting prospect nonetheless.

At a certain point, it is imperative for an organisation to reflect on the past and make improvements. With a busy schedule for the cricket team coming up, it is vital that there is self-analysis done for the betterment of the team at large.

He is not your regular joe. He is not seen in the limelight. He was a captain who was dropped like a hot potato. The reasons, you ask? Read more to find out.