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Mihir Vohra

Mihir Vohra

Web Developer, Designer & Author

Mihir Vohra

Mihir Vohra is the web-developer, designer and content writer at Cricket in Progress! Through this website, he aims to bring some unique and innovative style of writing to cricket. To say that Mihir is a “fan of the game” would be an understatement of cosmic proportions. Much credit to Mihir’s fascination for cricket could be attributed to Shane Warner and the way he led the Rajasthan Royals to victory in the inaugural season of IPL. He has a keen liking for puns, humour and satirical drama. The best way he likes to spend his free time is by appreciating cricket in some form or the other, often over a cup of black coffee.

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His Story, His Words

I guess it all started on 20th July 2015, when me and my good friend Yash Mehta were discussing about the then ongoing Ashes series and potential squads for England that would allow them to bounce back in the series. Eventually, the squad turned out to be exactly as we predicted and there was a “spark” in both of our minds. What added fuel to that spark was that during the course of that week, there were certain events occurring which were quite in accordance with our predictions; several experts just echoing our already discussed views and so on. This is when we decided that it was high time we let our views and opinions be known to the world.

It wasn’t exactly a fairytale beginning. We began with a blog on Google’s Blogger service. It wasn’t much of a hit nor was it something that I personally wanted. Then, there was a dry run for about 3 months. After the successful completion of the first website - Cordiform Films - it actually all began, thanks to Chetan Vohra (my cousin and Founder of Cordiform Films), who bought me the domain for this website. It felt like this was my actual calling, something I was told by my Dad years ago. *shhhh*

So, I began my research, made plans and developed a working website by the March of 2016. Much of 2016 was about developing original content and consuming knowledge about everything. I learned the tricks of developing a responsive website which can be on par with modern web-development standards.

1 year into the website, I revamped the design and performance of the website, got in co-authors for new content and started working on pushing the website towards what it has the potential to be. Delivering content which forces readers to think and reflect has always been the driving force. Being bestowed by positive comments from my peers and readers alike always gives me more incentive to deliver more and more unclichéd content.

At the risk of sounding clichéd, the journey has been an enlightening one for me so far. What I learned was that if you decide to really achieve something, no one or nothing can stop you from achieving it. And in the process, you may loose some people, gain some people; you may loose some things, gain some things. But, it is all worth it in the end.

What you see on this website, design-wise and content-wise, is something Mihir has learned over the years. With every passing website, he gained a different insight into the world of website development. This website is an aggregation of his learnigns and experience.

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For every article he writes, Mihir takes it upon himself to ensure meticulous literature and grammar, with each article being more stringent than the previous one. However, that's not the highlight of his words. He often prefers introducing humour into his articles while voicing his atomic opinions.

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