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Yash Mehta

Yash Mehta is an engineer by profession and an author at Cricket in Progress! Calling him a cricket fan? Nah! Instead call him a cricket buff! His cricketing insights have always been to the point, ever since he has been following cricket. In 2010, high school brought together 2 cricket enthusiasts(not in the Gurunath Meiyappan way) - Yash and Mihir. From there on began a journey of book cricket, paper auctions, short-break and long-break cricket discussions, which as time progressed, turned into deeper cricketing insights, analysis and predictions and quite a lot of right anticipations. Cricketing views and opinions are always welcomed happily by Yash.

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IPL 2018 brings with a new sense of excitement and promise. Touted as IPL 2.0, this IPL sees the return of 2 of its favorite teams - CSK and RR. The stage is set for cricketers to show their talent and take the world by storm once again.

At Cricket in Progress!, we followed the SWOT + KP + V analysis to dissect the content of each IPL team. Presenting IPL 2017 SWOT.

We have seen time and again the team selection in IPL makes a huge difference in the outcome of the game. IPL 2017 XIs for you from Cricket in Progress! served hot by Mihir Vohra and Yash Mehta as a comparison in contrast. See which team matches yours.

The rosters of each team play an important role in deciding the overall performance of the team and how far they go in the season. Here's an analysis from Cricket in Progress! for VIVO Indian Premier League 2017.

Read this informative piece to find out what ‘Kolpak’s Deal’ is and what advantages and disadvantages it brings along with it. Can players, who take up this deal justify their action or should they be pegged as someone who are just greedy for money? Do players reserve the right to secure themselves monetarily or should the love for nation supersede that?

Among all the great captains who have graced this game, what is the 1 thing common among them? Does it take a good brain or a good team in your armour to become a great captain?