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Meticulous writing about cricket combined with a sense of humour - ah!, it doesn’t get better than this. Read any article and have a laugh, or don’t. We, at Cricket in Progress! highly recommend the former. Disclaimer : We hold no responsibility if you laugh out loud and people think you are crazy.

Here are all the Humourous articles.

Post the ball-tampering saga, Australia has brought on the field what many would call a ‘good-boy’ image. While it would seem like a step in the right direction, one could also ask “Why do something to lower an intensity which brought many accolades?”

The laws of the game are always changing and the custodians of the laws – MCC are constantly monitoring the game to see where laws can be made or modified or removed. This year, too, new rules were announced by MCC and implemented by ICC. While some rules are like daemons in operating systems, some rules will be seen almost immediately by viewers. I managed to compile the new rules into 4 categories – Batting, Bowling, Fielding and Playing Conditions.

One cannot put a price on these new batting maestros. A decade ago, it was Tendulkar, Dravid, Laxman and Ganguly who had become the talk of the town. Now, it is Smith, Kohli, Williamson and Root. Here is a deep statistical insight and what these players have already achieved so far in their relatively short career.

Not a typical collection of words to highlight his career. An attempt to peek into Dhoni’s brain to identify what goes right in his brain and makes him the player, the captain, the batsman and the person he is.

Sledging is a dark side of cricket. It does have a lighter side to it, for those who try to find it. What can be said without a doubt is that Sledging has produced some of the greatest and the most interesting matches of all time. Sledging yields better, stronger and durable players.

Since the beginning of franchise-based T20 leagues, 1 question has always tried to evade us - Why are Indian players never seen in such leagues other than IPL? Read this as I try to find out the answer.

He is not your regular joe. He is not seen in the limelight. He was a captain who was dropped like a hot potato. The reasons, you ask? Read more to find out.