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Indian Premier League



The Indian Premier League. Well, what to say! A short description for this extravaganza would be an injustice to its stature. We’ll attempt anyways. IPL is at the helm of Indian Cricket. IPL is what breathed life into otherwise dead stadiums. IPL resurrected Indian Cricket and we believe it played an active role into shaping Indian Cricket the way we see it today. It has since become a religion; the favourite summer pastime for India. Ever been to a stadium for an IPL match?!

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It's almost summer in India and we all know what that means! The 12th season of the Indian Premier League is one of its kind - it's the first one to be cramped with the General Elections of India and the ICC Cricket World Cup. While this brings with it a certain set of challenges, the success (or failure) of this edition will be predicated only once the IPL gets going. Cricket in Progress! has taken the liberty to provide you the complete roundup of IPL 2019 and the 8 participating teams so that when the IPL is ready to being, you are, too.

IPL 2018 brings with a new sense of excitement and promise. Touted as IPL 2.0, this IPL sees the return of 2 of its favorite teams - CSK and RR. The stage is set for cricketers to show their talent and take the world by storm once again.

IPL has completed 10 years, yet the only major overhauls we ever saw was the addition and removal of 2 teams, and a fresh auction here and there. Here are 5 changes I think would make the IPL more interesting and exciting to watch.

IPL is cruel. Best in the world, but snubbed in the IPL. IPL is 1 tournament where name and reputation matter more than records and performances. These players, some with a more than impressive track record, fail to even find a place in their respective teams.

At Cricket in Progress!, we followed the SWOT + KP + V analysis to dissect the content of each IPL team. Presenting IPL 2017 SWOT.

We have seen time and again the team selection in IPL makes a huge difference in the outcome of the game. IPL 2017 XIs for you from Cricket in Progress! served hot by Mihir Vohra and Yash Mehta as a comparison in contrast. See which team matches yours.

The rosters of each team play an important role in deciding the overall performance of the team and how far they go in the season. Here's an analysis from Cricket in Progress! for VIVO Indian Premier League 2017.

If you notice closely, IPL is the only tournament where the regular captain is changed midway through the tournament for reasons other than injuries/non-availability. Is this a trend set by the franchisees or is it something that came along with time?

Unexpected, unpredicted and surprising flops of VIVO IPL 2016. Find out the reasons as we try to analyse what went wrong.

The squad goes a long way in determining the outcome of a team. At least when the tournament in question is the Indian Premier League. If history is any indication, IPL has spit out teams who just boast of great names. Only the team with the right combination and the right leader wins this coveted trophy.