Pakistan – Cricket World Cup 2019

Pakistan – Cricket World Cup 2019

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If you look at Pakistan’s 15-man squad, you can easily determine that Pakistan has as many as 5 allrounders but lack someone you’d call a “genuine all-rounder”. It isn’t a problem if the lower middle-order batsman and bowlers compensate for that void but even that doesn’t seem to be the case for Pakistan. Such is the dynamics associated with their squad.

Mihir’s SWOT Analysis
CWC 2019 Pakistan Mihir SWOT
  1. Strengths first. It’s difficult to predict or analyse the strengths of a squad which tends to be unpredictable with their performances. Perhaps that is their biggest strength.
  1. String of losses – including a whitewash against Australia – coming into a grand tournament wouldn’t have done good to their confidence.
  2. Lack of impact all-rounder could harm the balance of their playing XI and force them to make unnecessary changes..
  1. Hungry youngsters have the perfect opportunity to graduate under the watchful guidance of experienced stalwarts in the team.
  2. I don’t remember the last time Pakistan were labelled as favourites to win a World tournament and this time it is no different. This could be a perfect opportunity for them to fly under the spotlight and perhaps repeat Champions Trophy 2017.
  1. Inexperience could hamper their strategies.
  2. Another threat looming on Pakistan is the format itself – a format which demands consistency and continued belief – which could prove to be their undoing.
key player
Shoaib Malik –> I said that there is no “genuine all-rounder” in the team. Shoaib Malik is the closest who comes to that definition. It wouldn’t only be his on-field performances that will be critical to Pakistan but also his guidance and inputs off the field. For me, he’s the key player for Pakistan, the glue if you will.
Going by on-paper analysis, I feel Pakistan don’t have the necessary arsenal to make it to the final 4.
CWC 2019 Pakistan Roster
CWC 2019 Pakistan Schedule

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